Collecting The story


You might have noticed that some people like to tell the same stories over and over. It is as if they were eager to find anyone whom they had not told it yet. Sometimes, this does not even matter and they will tell them even if they know the listeners have heard them before. Normally, the stories are several and the teller would choose one, depending on the situation but, especially in the case of elderly people, and more notoriously if they suffer from dementia, there is one story that progressively wins the battle and becomes the story. This story normally shows a relevant moment of the teller’s life and how she or he reacted to it. And, most of the times, this story fits a mythical structure quite rightly. It is a pattern related to the collective imaginary that the narrator has made theirs and internalized. This video documentary is about collecting that story.


“Collecting The Story” is a project based on the collaboration of collectives of artists who would support the project through carrying out the following instructions to record and edit the material to create one of the instalments or episodes of the series “Collecting The Story. City, Year”. The instructions will be the same for each instalment or episode. Each video will collect five interviews of inhabitants of a city and six scenes recorded outdoors in the city. In both cases the camera will remains still. These people will answer a couple of questions (which will not be said in the video).

Question 1: “Would you remember a story that any of your parents like to tell over and over? Could you tell it?”

Question 2: Would you remember a story that you like to tell repeatedly? Could you tell it?




This project has been included in At a distance #4 exhibition.