The shrinking man

The artworks included in the exhibition The shrinking man, held in the Hall of the University of Valencia, in 1996 were made during a stay in New York City in the summer of 1995 and they begin a working method focused on well-defined series so that even a particular reading path of the painting is suggested.

In this case, the series focused on the treatment of the human figure, undergoing various changes of scale, as it is suggested by the title of the exhibition, in order to achieve some images that sought to illustrate the human condition. A condition human understood as oscillating between the personal and the collective, as the individual’s search of a place in the environment social.

From the formal point of view, the paintings combined resources close to the graphic illustration, because of its voluntary conciseness and its emphasis in composition, introducing different signs –vanishing lines, the shading of the forms- that provoke the perception of a three-dimensional space. The result was some images that represented, on the one hand, the humanity seen as a collective project that always ends up showing as unsuccessful and, by another, the man in his helplessness and disorientation. These two trends were gathered in this exhibition, led to its last consequences: a hopelessness theory painted for the social and the vision of the man, isolated in his last light.