World of J. V. Marjov

World of J.V. Marjov, individual exhibition at the Gallery Muelle27 in Madrid in 2003, included several paintings that visualized the process by which a character, a kind of alter ego of the author, delimited, watched and walked around his supossedly personal world. A world populated by different objects and rooms: libraries located in stages as props, abandoned lofts populated by ramshackle objects, chests that hid access to secret passages… Spaces and objects that functioned as a metaphor for the personal world, for the retreat formed by our memories, dreams, fears and hopes of the protagonist.

Also the exhibition dealt with the ability of the painting for mapping the universe and portray (and self-protary) the human being, capacity shown sometimes through the use of pre-photographic devices which are used here for its metaphorical or poetic power but which we experimented on as effective tools of painting and drawing years later.