Life, all the stories

Life, all the stories is driven by from two guiding threads. On the one hand, the idea that our identity is configured through the story, that the “self” arises from a fiction built around our identity, as the philosopher Daniel Dennett states, and which is shown, to a certain extent, fictionalized. We would say that our self-enunciation as subjects is made from the autobiographical story. On the other hand, the recurrent nature of the narrative structures, the existence of patterns that are repeated in all the stories and that make up a common substrate, sometimes called collective imaginary, that appears repeatedly in the narratives. The convergence of the two ideas leads us to the consideration that if identity is constructed from the self that is narrated and that these narrations are recurrent, there is a common order that unifies all the stories, which we identify ourselves with.

In this sense, the project revolves around two poles. A structural one that sets out to deconstruct the stories and seek the essence of their combinatorial logic and another, let’s say fictional, that explores a poetics of everyday life, of recurring stories, of the stories that happen to us all and that lead us to an intimate identification.

Collecting The story -a documentary series-

Wandering stories -video-