There is no move

The series There is no move includes a series of paintings made during our relationship with the Buades Gallery in Madrid during 1994 and 1995. From the formal point of view, these pictures were made using a figurative language conceived as a means of enunciation of what are intended to be eloquent images. Language based on a selective use of representational resources, the compositional principle of collage and a strategy creative close to the surrealist poetic known as dépaysement or estrangement, in which the objects represented are extracted from their usual contexts and confronted in an image that attempts to generate a new meaning, lead to a vision different from everyday reality.

The intention was to adjust the pictorial means to this rhetorical play in order to find accurate and evocative metaphors that express the reflection on the human condition, in its collective and private scope, that the paintings intended to be. Reflection on loneliness and discouragement, and on the possibilities of transforming reality by individual and collective enterprises.