Wandering stories

Wandering stories, 2020, 10′

We look through the windows of the trams and buses and see life go by, interpreted by other main characters. Adopting stranger’s gaze, curious about the daily life of others, we imagine the stories that unfold as they pass. Wandering stories collects sequences recorded in Europe (Edinburgh, Stockholm, Helsinki, Nantes, Prague, Oxford and Vienna) and Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg) during family and work trips, as a random collection exercise, extracting samples from reality waiting for a later order to endow them with meaning.
Thus, Wandering stories tries to reflect the merger of strangeness and empathy that these anonymous lives produce when fleetingly appear, coming on stage, making themselves present for an instant to fade away immediately. In that brief period, we guess a life, which, deep down, is the one that could (or can) be ours.

The video has been selected at XIII Premio de Video Arte Ayuntamiento de Astillero

and it will be shown at a group exhibiton at El Almacen de las Artes in November 2020.